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Russian Women: Myths and Reality

You are most probably interested to know what myth and what reality about Russian women are.

Myth: All Russian women are beautiful. It is not true. Most of Russian woman can be rated a 7 from 1-10 scale. However, beautiful Russian women do exist.

Reality: Russian women are more family-oriented. It is 100 % true! Conventional family values are in Russian blood since childhood. Family ties are very important for Russian women.

Myth: Russian women are ready to do anything to get to the Western world or move out from their country. It is completely false. Most of Russian women are very intimidated to leave their homeland and most of them wouldn’t like to live very far from their family.

Reality: Russian women like Western men. It is so! They are intrigued by Western men and think it is sexy to have a man from another country.

Myth: Money doesn’t matter for Russian girls. It is partially true when you are wealthy, then it doesn’t matter. Russian women want their family be safe and secure. However, they won’t go after money, if they don’t care for you.

Reality: Russian ladies are very devoted to their husbands and faithful. Russian women are extremely committed to those, whom they love.

Myth: Russian women are very poor and cannot afford using internet. Most of Russian women have internet and if not at home, they can go to internet cafes or have access to the internet from work.

Reality: Russian people get low salaries and they are broke. Many Russians are lazy to work for pennies.

Myth: All Russian women, on the internet dating sites are scammers. False! Most of the scammers are not women at all.

Reality: Russian women are very strong and independent. They want to have a husband, but they don’t need him, actually. They can easily cope on their own about household and raise perfect kids without man’s help.

Russian women usually make up great wives, but a man needs to pursue his goals with great patience.