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Russian bride, ups and downs.

There are a few things that usually turn people down from communication with each other, but when it comes to Russian brides, than the situation is a bit different, they are giving much more to their men, but at the same time they demand much more from their men as well. Greed, arrogance, aggressive behavior and humiliating tone, those are the things that Russian women (who have a very strong intuition) are usually able to sense immediately and as soon as they see those features of character in their men they stop communication with them for good. While being fluent in English, or at least knowing it pretty well, they easily trace those bad habits, and dismiss those persons from their life. Of course when starting communication with a foreigner, you are pretty aware of the fact that there will be a difference in culture, language, lifestyle and traditions, but all of those things should not change the personality itself. The moral ugliness is the thing you cannot confuse with the ones stated above. It has nothing to do with a different nationality, even if this “nationality” is planning to visit you by the end of the month, eventually each woman dreams of not facing this kind of “experience”.sexywomens

Some women are being very cautious while communicating as they do not allow their men to at least speak or write to them in some inappropriate manner. They believe that if they will once allow this kind of behavior or speaking towards them than they will have to face it for the rest of their life, and in some cases it really is the truth.

Once a thirty five years old has wrote in a letter to his lady (while discussing their possible meeting) “cheap is the maximum you can count on, as i will not spent more on you”. Eventually that was an insult for the lady and it made her stop the communication with him completely. The bad thing is that soon after not getting any reply, this man wrote a long and really nasty letter, in which he was accusing this lady of being a gold digger. The truth is that there really are a lot of gold diggers and it is really hard sometimes for men to see the difference and to be able to divide good from bad, that is why some of them (usually the ones who already got “burned” once) are putting their women in front of a “test”, and if the woman passes it, than it is considered that she is worthy and sometime soon she is visited by the man, if not, than she gets a lesson to learn from him.

The bad thing regarding these tests is that sometimes good people, who are perfect for each other, are losing each other due to some misunderstanding and that thing brings them to the point when they break up and lose each other, but all the time later they really regret about it.

Sometimes foreigners ask their Russian brides such questions as: “Why did she wrote to him?”, or what does she need from him, or even if she wrote because she is looking for an easy and rich life on his expense, and so on, and eventually the majority of foreigners, have no clue how offending it is to hear that.

Sometimes these kinds of questions are inappropriate as we live in the society where women are able to be very successful in their professional life as well, and they really are looking for a soul mate, and eventually if reading something like this they get easily offended and decide to break the communication.

In any case it is important to know that all the people are different, and sometimes it takes a bit of time before realizing all the pluses and minuses in each other’s character, it is a must to remember that there are no perfect people, and sometimes it is better living with someone’s minuses, than being alone.