Online dating

How to start a hookup conversation with any hot stranger

Online chatting with hotties

Offline pickup in bars and street

Schoolmates and co-worker


People raise their self-confidence for years before becoming professional pickupers. Still, many are seeking the best pick up lines to start a conversation with someone they instantly liked.

Online chatting with hotties

Casual sex can be imaginative too in best app dating. There’s no need to be trivial and use common phrases. Better start with a cute sexy joke or describe the perspective right away. Modern singles like that!

“I am a muscled and resilient lover who’d bring you to the best hotel in town. Interested?” This description of the perspective works just fine, making another person curious.

Offline pickup in bars and streets

Encounters offline can be less creative, especially if the alcohol is involved. For the sober hookups, the expressions of respect and politeness are recommended along with the wild passion.

“You’re exactly a lady (or a guy) I imagined as my lover for tonight. Should we try now?” This sounds convincing and flattering enough but with a certain fleur of politeness and courtesy.

Schoolmates and co-workers

Our team members can be seductive strangers too, if we didn’t have a chance to talk much. Test the waters thoughtfully and ask questions about work and schooling, before you go further.