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Russia is a great country with hundreds of different nations and ethnic groups living there. However, Western men typically imagine a blond or dark blond lady with pretty face and deep blue eyes. Anyway, despite such an image is more typical for girls from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia, a lot of Russian women meet those criteria too.

Why Russian women are so popular?

Foreigners who come to Russia always get astonished with the incredible number of attractive and feminine ladies around. It doesn’t really matter what city or town in Russia you visit – the picture is pretty the same everywhere.

The reason is that women in Russia follow much higher standards of beauty than European or American girls and it is caused by both historical and social reasons. It often happened in Russia that a war took thousands of men creating painful gender imbalance. Therefore Russian girls are brought up to be charming, attractive and having respect to their men.

Beauty isn’t the only reason

Outstanding natural beauty of Russian women and their enchantment are not the only things foreign men consider when marrying them. As they say in Russia “you cannot drink the water from your wife’s face” which means “princess makes no pottage”. Well, probably every culture in the world has that stereotype telling that a nice girl is usually a bad housewife. There is no smoke without fire, but it definitely doesn’t concern women from Russia.

They are excellent housewives who really enjoy taking care of children, cooking and just making home a clean and cozy place. Without a doubt a Russian lady is not just a princess but also a faithful companion and partner you can always rely on.


How to impress a Russian woman

Since Russian girls are not as career-minded as their Western counterparts they prefer when the man is someone who makes decision, acts as a breadwinner and generally takes the initiative. But keep in mind that unlike women from some Asian countries a Russian woman will never stand improper treatment. If something goes wrong and she doesn’t like it – don’t worry, she will notify you without any delay.

Foreign men who visit Russia from time to time notice one amusing thing. Russian women have changed and have turned more emancipated and more ambitious – they are undergoing the same transformation as the women of the Western world did once. However, Russians still preserve their allure and womanhood and remain fantastic lovers and probably the best wives in the whole world.

Online dating with Russian women

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