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How to be sex-positive in modern dating
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How to date a much younger girl for sex?
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About dating in the 21st century

Did you notice how much international dating concept has changed since the 1990s? It was such a loud event when someone dated or married a foreign woman, a man’s environment widely discussed that.
Today, seeing girls from abroad is just a norm, since we all became cosmopolitan and started to travel lots. Interracial dating isn’t rare either, and this tendency is only growing each year.

Relationship specialists admit singles now put much more meaning into international dating, which has been perceived before as exotic sex tourism only. Now men build emotional connections.
Dating blogs are playing a big role in that since they first appeared. Educative and informational articles are reflecting the mentality and needs of most popular nationalities, and making it easy to date.

But not only that, dating experts are also telling us how to remain modern and follow the newest tendencies in romance and sex. For example, did we know much about multiple orgasms decades ago?
BDSM culture, nuances of sugar dating, best techniques of foreplay, all that also became known only nowadays, so one has great chances to try all kinds of pleasure in his life, and find a perfect match.

Top sites and apps for dating online


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Best dating sites always contain blogs with articles or other elements of social network, and this site isn’t an exception. It gathers profiles of most gorgeous girls ready to meet and hookup any time.
Finding a travel mate has never been easier since platforms like this one really provide many options and ensure one’s sexual desires are covered with the help of these hottest single girls.


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How to choose between thousands of beautiful women? The most selective men date on this site since the assortment of girls is really big. Flirty and happy, they attract with their sexy smiles.
Most importantly, real dates take place regularly, and new-formed couples are sending their success stories to the site admins. This dating site is high-rated and meets all expectations of singles.


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Love and true chemistry are rare in the world, but on this top dating site, desire is literally in the air. It’s easy to fall for one of these stunning beauties, and set up the best date in one’s life.
Sexy and flirtatious, these hot females of all ages and types of appearance are waiting for a passionate lover to join them. Their wishes and dreams are listed in detail in their profiles.


platforms for finding a match

Use only high-quality platforms for finding a match, like this one. Great design, a big number of profiles, girls’ private photos on demand, all that is waiting for you here so do not hesitate to join.
Only best looking women and legal teens with a model appearance, serious-minded females can be found here. Arrange your romantic meeting today, and travel to your best adventure.

Ukrainian singles and relationships date advice

There is a lot of information about Russian girls online, but almost nothing is said about Ukrainian women who are perfect for a westerner. They mostly have Slavic roots too.
Like Russians, Ukrainian singles are also Orthodox, but the number of Catholic Christians is growing lately. They already celebrate Christmas twice, in January and on the 25th of December.

They’re also closer to Europeans by their way of thinking, thanks to open-mindedness and intellectual flexibility. Many Ukrainian women studied abroad, or at least learnt English well.
It is noticed girls in Ukraine are much more involved in sport activities, and visit gym regularly. Since many cities are situated on the Black Sea cost, women are usually great swimmers too.

about Russian girls online

The warmer climate affects their mood and preferences, they usually wear very bright clothes, cook amazingly well, dance a lot, and have a style in everything they do. Bravery is their quality as well.
To assume, they are gracious, educated, positive, with strong values and zest for life. Who would refuse dating such a hot girl? Start from finding and cherishing your Ukrainian beauty, and she’ll love you.

How to be sex-positive in modern dating

Dating in the 21st century is first of all, progressive. It can mean your potential or recent mate had a bigger number of partners than old stereotypes dictate, she’s bisexual, or has unusual preferences.
Even Russian girls who are quite traditional, have this new tendency already to experiment and accumulate some unique sexual experience. What to talk about western and European women?

So if it happened, by any reason, that you are more old-fashioned than your hot girlfriend, find a way to fix that. You’ll get much more pleasure too since your views will be similar from now.
Some of the first things to try, are sex in public places, sex during the massage session, for example in Thailand. It’s not obligatory to practice threesomes of heavy BDSM, only light forms.
Relationships can be brighter if to do your best to arrange romantic surprises and experiments frequently enough. Both sides win, and there’s no need to seek something fresh outside of your couple.

western and European women

Sex-positive women also enjoy compliments, so do not forget to say them and always add that she excites you so much, it inspires you to find new creative solutions for your intimacy.
One important aspect men often forget, is letting a girl choose which experiments you try this time. She might have brave ideas but a timid attitude, so it’s your duty to help her feel freer.

Questions and answers

Why to choose an experienced woman over a virgin?
She knows from the start how to please you, and you can create new sexy scenarios together.

How to detect passionate girls online?
They initiate erotic topics first, send hot photos, and declare they need sex daily.

How to make love endlessly during the trip?
Tell a girl you aren’t going sightseeing, order a lot of food to the room, and enjoy sex.

How do I look modern enough in her eyes?
Your profile photo must be hot, partially nude and with bright clothes.

How to hookup many girls during one trip?
Be equally polite and seductive to all, then cut your communication mildly and confidently.

How to avoid extra expenses while travelling?
Do not court women too much, with flowers and perfumes. Just take them to eat and drink. Walk a lot by legs, using navigation maps.

How to make sure I am sexually attractive?
Watch your girl’s body language, see whether her eyes are sparkling and joyful. If not, change smth in your behavior.

What does it mean is she leaves without having sex?
You can message her after and ask, maybe she had to come back home or she didn’t like something.

good first date questions

What are good first date questions?

• What was your most extreme romantic memory?
• Would you like sex traveling together with your man?
• What kind of kisses do you enjoy the most?
• If you could change your first sexual experience, what would it be?
• Who was your perfect male figure in your teens?
• What is your skill you aren’t telling others about?
• What would be your last wish shared with your husband?
• Do you feel admired and desirable with me?
• What gives you pleasant shivers when you flirt?
• What makes you especially horny, maybe some food or activities?

What are good questions to ask a single girl online?

• What makes you assume a man is modern and trendy?
• Do you like taking a shower or bathing together?
• How do you let your man know he is the best one for you?
• Do you aim to try all new things the dating world suggests?
• What is the line you would never cross in sex?
• What are you actually dreaming of in a private life?
• Do you think partners should talk out all inconveniences?
• What is your favorite lingerie color?
• Is a man’s cologne a turn-on for you?
• Could you make love knowing that a third person is watching you?

How to date a much younger girl for sex?

If mature women are mostly desired by naughty cubs for casual affairs and sugar dating, young girls, on the opposite, are wanted both by hookupers and by serious daters. So how to conquer them?
Different cultures suggest their own typical solutions. You probably know that dating very young women existed since ancient times, just people are more civilized now and court the girls nicely.

dating very young women

In poor countries like the Philippines, letting a young girl in a family date a foreigner is an economical decision. It either guarantees a girl will be fed well, or the head of the family will get some money.
A similar pact works in other poorly provided countries like Venezuela or Haiti. Yet, most of single men prefer to approach girls from developed countries so their decision won’t be affected by finances.
Russian and Ukrainian girls, in particular, start dating very early. Meeting a 18 y.o. teen in Ukraine is nothing like dealing with her peers in the US, who are immature and capricious.

It’s safer to meet them online first though. Many of 18 and 20 y.o. girls already register on Russian dating sites, so it’s another insurance for you they know what they are doing.
Just when you meet them, be softer and slower than usually, play the most romantic and gallant man ever. Just in case, pass nice presents to their families, then you will get a complete allowance.

Success stories about adult dating

“My ex-wife made me quite an unconfident guy, I was afraid to even kiss a woman without being called a maniac or a predator. I thought I will spend the rest of my life alone.
My friends wanted to shake me a little bit and they placed my photos on the adult dating site. I perceived it as a prank, on the beginning. But suddenly I started to receive a lot of responses from girls.
Surprisingly, they all were younger than me and seemed quite horny. My last fear was that a platform is purely commercial and fraudulent. But then almost all of those girls suggested to meet.
I chose Olga from Russia, she was only 21 years old and with such a burst of hormones. She literally washed my insecurities away with the storm of her passion and acceptance. I woke up a new person.
We weren’t together for long since she came back to her local boyfriend, but my self-confidence returned to me already. I then met Maya and we had the same wild story but with a nice continuation.
I now took Maya to the US and our honeymoon seems neverending. My friends laugh and say I even look differently now. We are quite happy together and I thank top adult dating sites for that”.

adult dating site

“What does a man need? A lot of sex and a little bit of understanding and quietness. I have never had it with my former girlfriends in the UK, but I found it with Rita from Ukraine. She’s awesome.
She lost her parents early and had a tough life surviving in Kharkiv, I guess it strengthened her character and made her a real tigress, a fighter. That’s probably why she likes to dominate in a bed.
We would never find each other if not hookup dating sites, and it’s pretty convincing to me that she didn’t seek a sugar daddy who’d solve her problems. She wanted sex, only raw sex, and that’s it.
It was my own decision to take care of her and to never part. She is 24 years old and she’s smarted than any mature woman I know. She’s simply brilliant in a bed, so what more should I ask for?
I guess I had this need deep inside of me, to be punished for my mistakes and to worship someone. My Rita looks like a goddess and it’s so easy to be myself with her, we are two halves of one.
It’s a perfect example of finding a life partner when primitive instincts were prevailing on the beginning. If adult singles were more honest about their deepest desires, people would love each other more”.

hookup dating sites

“I never thought dating on another side of the world is a good idea, but Karina from St. Petersburg has changed my opinion completely. I found her on the dating app and I bless that day.
Everything started like another casual affair, with just one difference that I had to travel far away for meeting her. Her sexy shapes and a deep sexy voice were driving me crazy, so I decided to go.
After first wild nights together, it suddenly appeared she is a great listener, a great humorous story teller, a great chef who cooks way better than any woman I know. She’s cool in everything.
So how could I let her go? I tried to hide this from her but I felt ready to beg her to stay with me. I took care of her tickets and visa before she even agreed to visit me back, and we live together since.
I think people should be braver in their wishes and actions, nothing stop us from being happy if we’re really determined. Take a risk, travel if needed, don’t be afraid to trust, and your life will change”.